Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Union Square Residences Floor Plan

Union Square Residences Apartments offers a stunning collection of apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms, all with facilities, city, or unobstructed views.

The generous balcony that extends from the living room gives it a spacious, open atmosphere.

Union Square Residences 2 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms offers a generous size starting at approximately 678sqft. It features the popular “Dumbbell” layout, reducing wasted space and providing privacy.

The semi-enclosed kitchen can be customized to meet different requirements.

Union Square Residences 3 & 4 Bedrooms will have an approximate size of 947sqft (3 Bedrooms) and 1259sqft (4 Bedrooms) with an impressive living and dining space. This is something that a majority of home-occupied owners are looking for when they purchase a new home.

The kitchen and bathrooms are mostly naturally ventilated (attached window) for the 3-bedroom layout. There is also integrated storage for washers and dryers. Kitchens are large with a clear distinction between the yard and kitchen. The bathroom is where you will find all AC ledges.


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Units Mix

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Union Square Residences – Arrive To A Departure From The Ordinary.

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